Are you an architect, designer or builder?

Elevate your vision with a Formation landscape or pool.

With more than 14 years experience partnering with premium architects, designers & builders, Formation can help elevate your existing vision, or co-create spaces that compliment your brand and portfolio.

How we work

A truly integrated process

We consider how the architectural vision will flow into the outdoor living spaces. By working alongside you from concept through to project planning and construction, we seamlessly embed ourselves into the your design process, creating less friction between each stage of the project.

Project Management

We project manage the design, planning, and construction of your outdoor space, so you are able to pour your attention into what you do best. We take on the responsibility of managing the client, and executing the complicated details of any design – from permits, to sourcing materials and much more, we consider every element of the project.

Collaborative Visualisation

Using 3D renders and detailed 2D visualisations of your designs and plans within our landscapes, we motivate and excite the client about the details of the project. By presenting an immersive, contextualised version of your design, we are able to take clients on a journey that increases their trust and ultimately satisfaction in the process.

What they say

"Working closely with Formation has been an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to design excellence and meticulous attention to detail consistently impress. As an architect, collaborating with a team that seamlessly translates concepts into stunning, functional spaces is invaluable.

Formation brings not only expertise but a genuine passion for creating outdoor environments that elevate the overall architectural vision. Their collaborative approach, transparent communication, and commitment to delivering on time and within budget make them a trusted partner in every project we undertake together."

— Steven Kyzintas , Architecture Works

Collaborate with us

Elevate your vision with a Formation landscape or pool.

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