Pool Construction

Formation has been in the business of constructing luxury pools since 2009. We utilise our award winning inhouse specialists and source the best quality expert trades to execute the design of your dream pool.

Pool construction comes with complexities including obtaining permits or executing engineering. We make sure this never feels daunting by keeping you updated with weekly progress reports. You stay across the detail, without ever getting your hands dirty.

Bespoke luxury

Each Formation pool is customised to create truly intentional living. From size and shape, selection of materials to the execution of intricate features, no detail is left unattended Our commitment to bespoke luxury ensures your pool is a timeless addition to your home.

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Our end-to-end pool construction process

Most of Formation's projects start with our design phase, setting the foundation for a seamless and efficient construction. Once you're ready to build, our construction process keeps everything running smoothly and to schedule.

Project Planning

We coordinate engineering, permits, building surveyors and all third party consultants required to realise the project plan.

Once all documentation is finalised and submitted to the relevant authorities and councils, we create a detailed work schedule. From preparation of a timeline to a Gantt chart, we spend several days project planning to ensure delivery on budget and on time.


Formation is an end-to-end service. Instead of handing the concept over to a third-party construction team, we brief our talented inhouse team, and work with them throughout the project lifecycle.

By retaining the complete range of construction capabilities in-house we not only maintain our excellent quality of service, process and outcome – we also mitigate and reduce risk of errors in execution. Our team will always understand the intent of your design, and how to execute specialised or technical features.

Each pool is built following our thorough step-by-step process, ensuring the end result is of the highest quality and meets all safety standards.

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Set Out

Prior to the commencement of the construction process, we meticulously outline the pool area using pegs and markers, establishing precise heights for the building phase.

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In 1-4 days, we carry out the excavation process, carefully considering access details and customising machinery sizes for each pool. Screenings (utilised for pool drainage) and the pool steel reinforcement are typically delivered and integrated into the construction process.

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Steel Fixing

Our adept steel fixers commence the construction of the structural shell. The timeframe for completion varies depending on the pool's size and design, spanning from 2 to 10 days.

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Internal Plumbing

After incorporating all plumbing work, we coordinate the mandatory steel inspection.

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Concrete Spray

A team of seasoned concreters, using a tailor-made pool concrete mix, craft the contours of your pool shell by hand. We then revisit the site to eliminate any required boxing or steel that supported the initial concrete spray, ensuring a flawless finish to your pool's structure.

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Pool Tiling

After selecting your pool tiles and allowing the pool shell to cure for a minimum of 28 days, our proficient tilers step in to render the pool and commence the tile application. The installation of tiles takes place before coping and paving.

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Pool Equipment Installation

Each component of your pool equipment is meticulously set up, calibrated, and integrated to work in harmony, delivering a system that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

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Fence Inspection

After installing pool fences, a final inspection by our surveyor is arranged to ensure compliance before pool filling.

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Filling the Pool

Prior to initiating the pool filling process, we conduct an acid wash on the tiles to ensure pristine cleanliness and a visually stunning finish. During the filling phase, we actively monitor the progress, ensuring a controlled introduction of water into your pool. We then add the essential chemicals to harmonise the water composition, initiating the pool equipment with precision. This approach guarantees not only a visually appealing pool but also one that is chemically balanced and ready for optimal performance.

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The handover process involves detailed step-by-step instructions on how to operate your pool equipment and addressing any questions you may have. 

Even though this marks the final stage of the process, we remain readily available should you have any further questions or require ongoing assistance. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our ongoing priorities, and we're here to ensure the continued enjoyment of your exquisite new pool.

Quality Materials

Formation pools are more than a water feature – they are an expression of your lifestyle and family. 

Our concrete pools feature natural stone, glass, or ceramic tiles, meticulously applied by our skilled craftsmen. Premium materials both inside and around the pool create spaces that are maximised, by design.

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